Zumba® with Debbie

Zumba is the fantastic US dance-fitness class that is sweeping across the UK. And now it's here in Lincoln, Newark and Gainsborough!

The principle behind Zumba is simple: get fit, have fun. That's it!  


It’s fun!

Great music, great moves and a great atmosphere is what makes a Zumba class special.


It’s easy!

There are no complicated moves to learn and you don't need the co-ordination of a standard aerobics class, in fact Zumba  is "exercise in disguise"!


It’s effective!

Zumba is the  ideal class to burn fat, improve your fitness and tone your entire body. And because it's fun, you'll leave wanting to do it all over again!


Check out our Venues and join our Zumba classes in Lincoln, Zumba classes in Gainsborough and Zumba classes in Newark today! 



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