Help! I can’t dance! Is Zumba for me?

Yes! Zumba incorporates easy to follow moves so it is designed for anyone.


I haven’t exercised in a while, will I be able to do a Zumba class?

The class is designed for all ages and abilities, and you can choose to work at a level that suits you.


I’ve never tried group exercise classes before, will I be able to keep up?

Group exercise classes are not only great fun and have a great atmosphere, but Zumba is designed so everyone can join in.


Do I have to use a step in a Zumba step class?

 No, all of the moves can be performed on the floor.


Is Zumba an activity I can do in pregnancy?

No, it is not recommended.


Where can I attend a class?

Classes are currently based in Collingham, near Newark on Trent, Saxilby, near Lincoln, and Gainsborough. 

Check out the Venues to find out more.


How much does it cost?

Prices are £4.50 per session for pay on the door. Punch cards are also available at discounted prices.


What should I wear?

Clothing for Zumba should be comfortable and shouldn't interfere with exercise movements. You will sweat in this class!
Wear a good sports bra for support.
Comfortable trainers are a must!  Avoid trainers with deep treads because they may restrict your movement. Cross trainers or dance specific sneakers are best.
Bring a towel and bottled water.


How can I find out more?

Whether you have a question about Zumba, or just want a chat, go to the Contact page to get in touch.